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Anthem AZ Tile Cleaning

Mopping is the most common way to clean tile floors and this is true in Anthem AZ. This method can be effective and works well for day to day cleaning. However there are draw backs to only using a wet mop and cleaner on tiled floors. Mopping does not do a very good job of removing grease and oils embedded in the pores of the tile. The grout will also absorb the dirt and grease from the water used to mop the floors.

In order to improve the look of your tile and grout you could resort to scrubbing your floors on your hands and knees or use a messy pressure washer. While both methods do a better job of cleaning tile and grout than mopping, they are not very effective. Scrubbing your tile and grout can further embed the dirt and oils into the pores of the tile and grout lines. The overspray from pressure washing to remove the dirt and grease can make an incredible mess on your walls and cabinets.

Another method you could use to clean your tile floors is a "Vapor Steam Cleaner". While a vapor steam cleaner does a better job of cleaning your tile and grout than just scrubbing, there are a few disadvantages. The price of the vapor steam cleaners are between $450.00 and $2,800.00, the average homeowner unit costs about $900.00. Another disadvantage is the pressure is typically only about 75 psi and the units have no dirty water recovery vacuum system. The homeowner steam cleaners are also labor intensive. An average kitchen, approximately 200 square feet of tile and grout, will take about three to four hours to clean. Besides using the steam cleaner, you will still need to scrub stubborn stains, and continually mop up the dirty water.

These cleaning methods are not very appealing since they are messy and labor intensive, but there is a better way to clean your tile floors in Anthem AZ.

Green Planet Carpet Care's Tile Cleaning Service to the Rescue!

Picture of Tile Cleaning Machine in ActionWe know how to make short work of the tedious task of tile and grout cleaning in Anthem AZ. We can make your grouted tile floors look like they did when they were new and without making the mess!

Our tile cleaning tool blasts soil and dirt from tile, grout, and smooth or rough surfaces. The rotary arm spins to create amazing soil blasting power. At the same time the hidden vacuum ports pick up all the dirty water back to our BIG TRUCK’s disposal tank. This is all done under a Roto Molded disk that gets all its powerful steaming hot 240 degree water, 900 pounds of pressure, and over 1000 CFM of vacuum from our industrial truck mounted mobile cleaning unit. Temperatures and pressures that are just not achievable by portable machines.


Tile floor cleaning example


Our Tile Cleaning Process kills and removes embedded bacteria, stubborn stains, and harmful contaminates that are embedded in your tile flooring!



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