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We Use Eco-Friendly Cleaning Products
We use Vortex Brand Carpet Cleaning Machines
For Cleaner Carpets That Dry In Half The Time!
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Bryan with Anthem Carpet Cleaning Truck
Bryan Phillips Owner of Green Planet Carpet Care

Call  602-748-9822

Hours Of Operation
8:00 am - 6:00 pm Monday through Saturday
Closed on Sundays (Emergencies Only)

Emergency flood damage water extraction and dry out services
24 hours a day!

How to Get Ready For Your Carpet Cleaning

  1. If furniture moving is requested, we only move light furniture items such as sofas, chairs, plants, tables, etc. An extra fee applies to the moving of heavy furniture including beds, china cabinets, dressers, etc... and must be requested at the time your job is scheduled. Remove all electronic items and breakables from any item of furniture that is to be moved. We are not responsible for damage to any electronic items or breakables left in furniture items to be moved.
  2. Save us a parking space near your door.
  3. Use caution around the hoses we bring in; tripping and slipping may be a hazard.
  4. Tell us your every concern. Never be too shy to complain.

Carpet Drying Tip

Before we arrive, keep the temperature about 70 degrees if possible. Air conditioners dehumidify the air. Turn on ceiling fans and box fans to circulate air.

Carpets That Dry in Half the Time

With our service, your carpets will usually dry in half the normal time because of the powerful vacuum suction of our Vortex 7000 cleaning machine— it simply removes virtually all of the hot water applied in the rinse/extraction step of the cleaning process. The suction is so powerful that we must use a Teflon "glide" surface on our titanium cleaning wands so they'll move freely over your carpets. Also, the last step of the cleaning process, grooming, sets the nap to allow any remaining moisture to evaporate quickly from the carpet.


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