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Eco-Friendly Carpet Cleaning Anthem, AZ

Anthem Children and Pet Safe Carpet Cleaning PictureAre you looking for the best carpet cleaning in Anthem AZ? Look no further! Green Planet Carpet Care is a locally owned and operated carpet cleaning service company located in North Phoenix. We offer carpet cleaning in the Anthem AZ and the North Phoenix area as well as the entire Phoenix metro area. We use biodegradable eco-friendly organic natural cleaning solutions. We thoroughly clean the carpet fibers so your kids and pets can roll around on it without any fear of an irritating chemical exposure. Our carpet cleaning service is Cleaner, Healthier, and Better!

The health and safety of you, your family, and your pets is our number one priority. We never use dangerous or non eco-friendly carpet cleaners ever! This ensures that you are protecting your family, pets, and the environment. It is a fact that we are spending more time indoors and the indoor air quality of our homes can and does contribute to our health. We believe in using organic "green" products and, only where necessary, use natural enzymes and spotting agents with your permission in order to contribute to a healthier home environment. Homes with pets that are chemical-sensitive such as dogs, cats, and tropical birds also benefit immensely from cleaning processes that are safe and environmentally friendly. As Anthem Arizona's finest carpet cleaning company we would like the opportunity to show you what we can do to help improve your home environment.

Our Green Cleaning Technology

Has Unmatched Capabilities & Super-Fast Dry Times.

All of our Anthem AZ carpet cleaners are IICRC certified on cleaning procedures which are endorsed by the largest carpet mills and manufacturers. Our technicians are well-trained in avoiding the three most common causes of carpet damage: use of harsh cleaning detergents, over-wetting, and prolonged drying. Green Planet Carpet Care uses the Vortex 7000 cleaning system - the industry's biggest and most powerful carpet, tile, and upholstery cleaning machine! We simply have a lot more steam and suction than the other guys"

Picture of our carpet cleaning truck with me, Bryan Phillips, the owner

We Do Not Use Harsh Cleaning Agents

Besides protecting your family, pets, and the environment we do not use harsh cleaning agents because they are not necessarily the best choice for cleaning carpets. The main reason your carpets may start to appear dirty soon after a cleaning by a budget carpet cleaner is the cleaning agents - harsh chemicals, oily solvents, and sticky detergents - which they apply and do not fully extract from your carpet. These leftover cleaning agents begin to attract dirt and soil almost immediately after the carpet has dried. Why do these companies use harsh chemicals? Because they have to compensate for lower water temperatures in order to remove soils and stains to give a "clean" appearance. These chemicals leave an invisible sticky residue in your carpet and many of them leave your carpet in a highly alkaline state which also attracts soil. Our Anthem carpet cleaners do not use any detergents in our hot water extraction system. Our carpet cleaners only use mild active enzyme and citrus-based products in our pre-spray.

We Dry Your Carpets Faster

We have also solved the over-wetting and prolonged drying problem. With our carpet cleaning Anthem, AZ service your carpets will usually dry in half the normal time because of the powerful vacuum suction of our Vortex 7000 cleaning machine. It simply removes virtually all of the hot water applied in the rinse/extraction step of the cleaning process. The suction is so powerful that we must use a Teflon "glide" surface on our titanium cleaning wands so they will move freely over your carpets. Also, the last step of the cleaning process, grooming, sets the nap to allow any remaining moisture to evaporate quickly from the carpet.

We Have raised The Bar for Anthem AZ Cleaners!

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